Television Clips

Frank has played a wide range of characters from the Progresso Soup Commercial to a Stooper on Luck to the telegraph operator on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman:

Frank Collison as Muddy in Twin Peaks

Frank Collison in Silicon Valley

Frank Collison in Backstrom

Frank's Fisherman in the Progresso Soup Commercial

As Anthony on Luck

Horace's Apology to Myra in Before The Dawn on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Stargate Atlantis, Village Elder
Mr. and Mrs. James in Pilot My Name Is EarlMy Name Is Earl - Flashback

Monk" Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan (TV Episode 2004) Frank Collison as Warrick Tennyson

Frank The Barker on Carnivale for HBO

Horace's Wedding Night with Myra

Horace's practice proposal